What Makes a Human Believe in Gods? And Other Questions That necessitating an Open Mind

July 12, 2021 by No Comments

If the theory of what makes a human believe in Gods is true, then there would be a hierarchy of beings at the top. And the people who have the most power and authority would be the most likely to believe in the concept of a higher power. It’s like one level of life is much more evolved than the other, and the people who are at the top would be the people that would have the most wisdom and insight into the workings of the universe.

If the what makes a human believer in God’s theory is correct, then it would be those who believe in God would also be wiser and more evolved than the rest. This would make sense because they would have access to more information and concepts. Perhaps there is a God or gods out there that we do not know about, and the reason for this is because they don’t intervene in our affairs. They just allow us to be the way we are, and we will probably be around for a very long time.

But what if there is a God or gods that does intervene in our affairs and tries to help us along? Since they are the higher power, would they be willing to change what they are doing and give us what we need? If they were benevolent and kind, then they wouldn’t care what the price is to pay. Only those who are evil and have an evil motive would care what other people think, since they too have an evil motive. The trick would be to find another higher power, but since the other higher power is also benevolent, then we can work together. Visit this site for more information.

Now then, this might seem like a very circular argument, or an attempt to prove that there is no God. And indeed there is a flaw in that line of reasoning. That flaw is that it doesn’t make any sense. What if the higher power also had an evil intent? Would it still be worthy of trust?

Further, what if there are multiple such gods, and each god tries to manipulate our affairs for his own gain? This is very real to me, and perhaps you have noticed that the governments and big business lobby groups try to tell us that there are no such things as free will. But isn’t that just a way of saying there are no evil influences in our lives? So, why do we believe in these things when the truth is that there are no true gods, and it is up to us to find one to work with.

A more realistic question to ask might be, “If there are no true gods, then does this mean that there are no gods?” And again, I would answer that question by posing another question. If there are no true Gods, then who are the true gods? Is there really only one God, or are there several? Are they all benevolent and love us in return for our good behavior? These are questions that I think are important ones to ask to look at what makes a human believe in gods.

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