A Unique Voice and a Dynamic Range of Contemporary Art Collections

August 16, 2021 by No Comments

Welcome to Grove Square Galleries. We are pleased to present the new exhibition, London Art Galleries at Grove Square. Since 2021 the gallery has presented at both national and international visitors with a range of exhibitions featuring work by some of the world’s greatest artists, many of whom are in residence at the British Museum. The new exhibition, London Art Galleries, offers an altogether different take on this well-known venue, centred on the medium. As part of our ongoing programme, we have opened the doors to this exciting venue for solo and group artists who wish to exhibit their work in one of the few dedicated British Galleries.

This exciting venue at Grove Square, WC2 is located just down the street from the British Museum. It is an ideal place for a break during any visit to London or as a starting point for an evening out. As part of a programme of events centred on solo artists and small solo exhibitions, London Art Galleries at Grove Square offers a unique opportunity for established collectors and emerging artists to showcase their work in a highly visible and stimulating space. The newly refurbished gallery is in tandem with a leading artist-led exhibition programme, featuring solo and group exhibitions as well as a number of highly interactive activities, which make it ideal for both new and experienced artists.

A new venue such as Grove Square has the benefit of being able to accommodate a diverse range of visitors. An exhibition that benefits the entire community is in keeping with the long-standing policy of supporting projects that benefit all sections of society. Artists and other collectors can interact with one another in an environment designed specifically for this purpose. The installation of a large multimedia wall system featuring state-of-the-art speakers and sound systems creates a fun and engaging environment suitable for all ages and interests. The availability of public transport means that visitors have easy access to this popular area of London.

In 2021 an advisory service was added to the programme of the new gallery. This advisory service now provides information about local businesses and cultural attractions, as well as allowing artists and art collectors to submit their work for sale online. It also offers a dedicated customer service phone number and an online gallery shop that feature rare and valuable prints, posters and paintings by leading contemporary artists. All catalogue images are copyright protected. The website also features a magazine that brings you the latest news and views about art, new talent and exhibitions.

Grove Square Galleries has a unique voice and a unique way of presenting the exciting world of contemporary art. In welcoming the largest collection of contemporary art from around the world it has become an instant hit with contemporary artists and collectors from across the city and beyond. If you love contemporary art and are looking for a unique space in which to display your favourite works, this is the ideal location. Not only does it feature a unique voice and a dynamic range of artists, it also offers a host of other benefits such as free advice and local events.

Each month artists from all over the world come to the Square for an exhibition featuring exclusive solo exhibitions and group exhibitions. This unique venue is also host to a host of other interesting activities throughout the year including guided tours of the building, music concerts and film screenings. If you have an interest in showcasing your work in the most prominent and renowned exhibition space in central London, the decision to exhibit at Grove Square is an excellent one. Make Grove Square your new favourite place to hang out and discover a truly unique voice and style of displaying your art.

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