Free Offline Games For Mobiles

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If you have a Google Chrome browser, then you should try the free offline games available for this web browser. Playing online games is one way of keeping you engaged with your favorite applications even when you are working on something else. Most popular games are centered on action and puzzle and there are many applications that cater to these particular genres. These games can help to keep your mind healthy as well as keeping your body fit. Here are a few tips to get you started playing those fun games.

Google Now Launcher The first of the free offline games is Google Now Launcher, offering you seven free games for your mobile internet connection. Simply go to the google home page, tap on the settings icon and choose settings. Once there, touch the Mobile Internet Connection option and touch Free Game Downloads from the list. Select any of the games that you prefer and check whether you have a good internet connection. If you do, touch the Download button. After that, touch the Download again to start playing them.

Facebook Applications Manager The next game is Facebook Applications Manager, which allows you to manage all your different applications. To start with, touch the Game Options and touch the Set Up tab. You will be asked to enter the system information including your operating system, wallpaper and color of your android smartphone. Touch the Continue button to continue. If you want to know more about this you can click on the link

Solitaire Gallery The next game is Solitaire Gallery, which allows you to browse and search the different games listed in this application. To access it, touch the Game tab and then touch Add Game. You will be given a list of games that you can add and swipe your fingers over them. Touch the Install Game button to start playing them. As before, if you have an internet connection, you can also view the free online games listed in the application. Touch the Start button to launch the application.

Runner Game This is yet another exciting game where you have to run from one obstacle to another without letting it hit you. The player has to make sure that they do not hit anything or fall into any pit. The game is set in a city and players can view the cityscape from a top view while playing this one. To increase your adrenaline rush and enjoy a thrilling time during gaming, touch the Online Gameplay tab and tap Run!

Hill Climb Racing 2 In case you are looking for a good puzzle game and also want to experience the thrill of playing them without wifi, then download ios app: Hill Climb Racing 2 on your Iphone. The free offline games are quite a rage on mobiles since these give you a chance to play interactive games that are entertaining and provide you with the much needed thrill. There are various categories available in this game including virtual reality, stunt bike games, driving and racing games. If you have an iPhone 3GS or iPad, you can download this game on it and experience the thrills and excitement that it offers.

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