Motorcycle Safety Myths

May 20, 2021 by No Comments

There is a lot of misinformation out there about motorcycle safety and you have to be informed. One myth that I hear all the time is that it is not safe to ride on a road without a helmet. I always tell people that in all likelihood they are making that assumption due to the fact that most motorcyclists don’t wear a helmet while cruising on the highway anyway. Motorcycle safety includes wearing a full face helmet and it protects your entire head, neck and spine.

Motorcycles are a very fast vehicle and they can move fast enough to overcome any maneuver that your passenger might try to pull off. One myth that I hear a lot is that it is unsafe to apply your hands to the throttle when riding a motorcycle. I will tell you that applying your hands to the throttle while riding is absolutely necessary. Your hands are useful for applying breaks and also for turning the bike; they work just as well as a hand held brake accessory.

I often hear from injury attorneys that clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents don’t know what to do after their accident. I always tell them to call their doctor or their lawyer so they can get a good idea about their injury and how long it will take to recover from their injuries. It is important to understand that most motorcycle safety myths have no basis in reality and the only person who can truly tell you if something is dangerous is a trained medical professional.

There are many other injury attorneys that are not interested in representing motorcyclists but would be glad to advise any biker who has received a whiplash injury. Bikers who suffer from whiplash often feel that their only options are to live with the pain or to buy another defective bike. Motorcycle injury attorneys who have experience with these types of cases understand that most bikers do not want to suffer or have to put up with this pain. The first thing that they want is to get their medical bills paid, the next thing is to find the right motorcycle safety course for them and the third thing is to get back on the road. Most motorcycle injury attorneys understand all of this and are happy to assist a client in any way that they can. You can get more information about purchasing a new helmet

One of the most common motorcycle safety myths is that you can’t get a ticket if you are new to riding a motorcycle. This is simply untrue! Each state is responsible for its own regulations when it comes to driving and motorcycle accidents that happen on the state’s roads and highways are the responsibility of those state officials. In fact, it is actually against the law for any non-law enforcement officer to pull over a motorcyclist simply because they haven’t yet passed a motorcycle safety test. It is a sad but true fact that thousands of bikers are seriously injured each year in car-bike collisions across the nation, and many of those who are injured were not even aware that they were in an accident. Many of those victims were riding along when another motorcyclist decided to make an illegal turn at the worst possible moment, forcing the biker to fall off.

Another one of the most dangerous motorcycle safety myths is that most injuries caused by vehicles are the result of “fender-benders”. This is simply not true, although statistically speaking, motorcyclists are the cause of about one out of every nine vehicle collisions. Most motorcycle accidents are the result of something more serious: reckless or negligent driving, side-swiping, weaving in and out of traffic, driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while intoxicated. Motorcyclists can be the victims of these types of incidents as well, but there’s no reason for it to have to be that way. With the help of a good motorcycle lawyer, most motorcycle accident victims will be able to get their compensation because they just need to get their story heard.

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