Why My Car Stereo Turns On But No Sound Is Heard

May 12, 2021 by No Comments

It is quite possible that after you have set up the music system in your car, the stereo might not turn on but there could be a few reasons behind this. For example if you have installed some high end speakers, but they are not compatible with your car system, it will not work. The problem can be fixed by switching the speakers and other accessories to the right ones. Another reason for the failure of the stereo could be some type of error in the system. You need to check the unit thoroughly before assuming the problem.

If you have a head unit that is faulty, you might get the problem of no sound at all. This happens because the head unit is not designed to work with the car sound system properly. A head unit is a device which is used to change the sound in your car. There are many models of head units which are available in the market. If your car has a superior sound system and the problem occurs while listening to the music, then it could be due to a problem in the unit.

In such cases, you should replace the unit with the latest model and try your vehicle again. If you are not able to find the cause for the sound failure, then it is better to take it to a technician and ask him to look for the problems. Sometimes, replacing a unit with the latest model will solve the problem. However, if the problem persists despite the replacement of the unit, then it will be better to carry out major maintenance work. However, before carrying out any major maintenance work, you should consult your car owner’s manual to know about the proper maintenance of the car.

Car audio system failures occur mainly due to several reasons like improper installation, wrong wiring, and dirty audio devices. So, whenever any of these problems occur, it is better to carry out a detailed inspection of the car stereo. While going through the inspection procedure, you should open all the car audio systems, whether installed externally or internally. If you cannot find the fault in the car stereo, then you should remove all exterior kits including the car mirror and door mirrors.

You should open the equipment to check for dust and debris inside it. Sometimes, the fault can be found in the wiring as well, where wires are disconnected and replaced with other wires. When you replace the wiring, you should make sure that they are not damaged and you also need to check whether the new unit fits in the same way as the old unit. If the sound system is a factory installed one, then you need to reinstall the factory wiring. Visit here for more information about easy diy car repairs

Sometimes, the source of the sound problem may not be in the car stereo at all. For this, you will have to carry out a more extensive inspection. If all the above procedures fail to solve the problem then it is time to take help from a qualified technician. However, if you think that your car audio system is not working properly or the problem seems to be minor and intermittent then there are many affordable options available in the market, including car stereo systems, car audio wireless systems and car audio video systems.

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